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120%Lino Pants - 100% Linen Shorts Italy by 120%LINO (retail $300)

100% Linen Shorts Italy by 120%LINO (retail $300)   


C$48 C$300 

Not For Sale

This are Luxury linen shorts by the brand 120% LINO. Hand made in Italy. NOT SEE THROUGH! See photo of me wearing them Size: says 42” but that’s Italian sizing lol.. they fit like a womens Large at say, Aritzia. and have a great drawstring you can adjust the size for. These shorts are no longer available on their website but similar styles are $300+. this is is an ITALIAN LIXURY. NEVER WORN OTHER THAN TRY ON! TAG (NWT) PHOTO COMING SORRY I TOOK THE TAG OFF ONCE (Pin style tag)