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Vancouver, BC

Love Notes

From @johannebilous

Thrilled!! Love, love it!

Nov 08

From @galya52

Love it thank

Sep 02

From @yanny25

Absolutely love it thanks so much!

May 10

From @mizmarn

Great condition and fit perfectly, thanks!

May 09

From @choy1617

I love love love these boots. Exactly what I am looking for. They are in brand new condition. Thanks for giving me a great deal. 10/10 👍👍👍

May 05

From @tessy5623

Thank you ! Is is a beautiful pull ♥️

Mar 15

From @morimi8390

Very well packed and exactly as described! So excited for my new items, thank you

Mar 06

From @mariegagnon971

Thanks it’s perfect

Dec 07

From @baepaley

Thank you!

Dec 06

From @lifesustainable

Pristine condition, thank you!

Nov 29

From @erinlea630

Perfect condition and fast shipping. Thank you!

Nov 18

From @ljdakin

LOVE it!!

Sep 24

From @alexandrabonder

Love it, thank you!

Sep 20

From @shantelthomp671

Amazing boots! And blouse. Love them both. Thank you☺️

Sep 01

From @anon702d4

Stunning and it fits 💃 Thank you!

Aug 26

From @kelltea

This is a beautiful dress! Thank you!

Aug 24

From @debbygaetz

Totally as described. They are very snug but I hope they will stretch to my foot🙏🏻 Beautiful leather.

Aug 06

From @sherrbolyea

Just as described. Thankyou

Jul 28

From @carywolfe

Gorgeous dress!

Jun 13

From @jaskwaan

It’s perfect! Thank you!

Apr 19

From @deeplightdot

This dress excites me to no end! I love it so much.

Mar 23

From @anond67a8

Items were as expected! Thanks!

Mar 02

From @herringchocker

Do you know what the small buttons on the inside fronts are for? Can you let me know. Love the coat. Thanks

Feb 25

From @annmorawietz

The spandex fit great. The hat is a little on the small side but I may be able to still wear.

Feb 22

From @alekat87

Beautiful coat in exact condition as the seller pictured and described it.

Feb 20

From @anon61383

Thank you, it’s wonderful!

Feb 02

From @lynnbauld

Love this bag so much. Bag is in perfect shape. So soft and very roomy. I shall be using this alot. Thanks for the terrific find.

Jan 14

From @lanabali

Loved the shipping box, lol. 😉 Thanks again

Jan 13

From @brittadams993

Thanks so much!

Jan 10

From @owenklgc

She loves it. It's so soft!

Jan 09

From @christinepat106

Really great condition & excellent pricing! A+++ seller! Thanks again!

Jan 05

From @gaylenen2020


Jan 01

From @terin80

It’s just lovely! I’m looking forward to wearing it!

Dec 23

From @anon1eefd

Thank you so much!! So comfy!! 💞 💞

Dec 22

From @jacqueline_w83

Arrived and beautiful!!!

Dec 03

From @mamaz1989602

Perfect condition brand bed beautiful jeans that fit just right! Thank you and highly recommend this posher

Nov 23

From @anatolie

This is by far the nicest piece of clothing I own! Perfect fit, ABOVE EXCELLENT condition! Thank you so much😀 My daughter lives in Surrey, so far away, you might spot me wearing this once travel is safe again!

Nov 04

From @thriftymodnik

Love the booties! They look brand new and are super comfy!

Nov 02

From @anonbab11

It’s perfect. Thank you.

Oct 20

From @pansy5831

Great boot, great fit, great color!! A great posh for me from your closet! Thanks very much!

Oct 16

From @grace11swans

It's beautiful and it fits. Yay! The style is chic & feminine. Perfect transaction & wonderful seller. Buying Canadian is the way to go. I'm a delighted customer. Thank you so much!

Oct 14

From @fayecc

Cute shoes! Thanks!

Oct 06

From @cdpurvis155

I'm in love with this coat! Thanks so much.

Oct 02

From @pigallefollies

Exactly as described, the accompanying wallet was more than expected. Love it. Thx so much

Sep 28

From @hxc179

Item exactly as described. Great seller. Thank you

Sep 27

From @evac1111

Thank you, they’re beautiful 🙏

Sep 19

From @ncaione

Beautiful flats, thank you so much!

Sep 19

From @pansy5831

Oh my gosh so,love this find from your closet! Good fit for me and such a great Fall coat. So pleased ! Thanks very much!😃Barb

Sep 04

From @stnelson17

Thank you! Super condition

Aug 13

From @lizdevera01

Sandal is pretty and great condition. Packed neatly. Thankyou.

Jul 20

From @silvia7102

Finally arived:))I love them!!thank you🌺

Jun 29

From @styleme56

WOW! An awesome FP dress! Can't believe this wasn't snapped up!! So happy, exactly as pictured, so fun!! Thankyou for a wonderful purchase!!👍😁😎

Jun 27

From @superific7

Great cocnditon ! Fast shipping! These will be great with many things !

May 28

From @clothingnlove

Thank you for the great packaging!

May 25

From @michellemlbr

I LOVE this so much! Even better than I expected and also came smelling fresh :) Thanks so much and I’ll be back!

May 24

From @sooper_cooper

This dress fits like. A. Glove. 😍😍😍 I am already in love with it and I have tried it on with all my favourite shoes! It was in perfect condition and it came so fast! Thank you so much!!! ❤️👗❤️

May 19

From @reannaerixon

I’m so in love 🤩🥰 thank you!

Apr 16

From @arodinthe6

This is my second purchase with Divine Style. Communication has been exceptional and I’m very pleased with the quality of these garments. What an excellent deal!

Mar 24

From @bubblesdesigner

Beautiful color and as described. ⭐

Mar 12

From @embroideredbird

SO FABULOUS!!! Both items are in absolutely perfect condition, the purse is really especially flawless. Thank you so much for all your kindness throughout! You made this a great experience :) <3

Feb 20

From @anamariaiancu90

What a great piece! I’ll make sure to love it well - thanks so much @thedivinestyle!!

Feb 10

From @anon7b45b

SO happy with my purchase!!!! Lovely packaging to boot:) thank you @thedivinestyle

Feb 01

From @arodinthe6

This is such a beautiful Tunic! I’m in love :)

Jan 24

From @secondlove2020

I love love love it! Arrived so fast and such a nice packaging! Thank you !!

Jan 23